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Default XD-357...a interesting range report!

Full report here:


Extras for the Coffee Shop:

LAX reloaded ammo on steel at 18 yards 7/7:

XD with LAX on the other 18 yard steel:

The snow had a very hard (and very slippery) crust on top so this became my shooting platform:

as the day wore on the snow softened and became almost (but not quite)slushy...
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Looks like a shooter!
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It sure looks like that LAX ammo shoots good in the SA. I think it might give your favorite Sig a run for it's money. Good report!
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Thanks for the report Glock.

I like the 357Sig round. Its pretty zippy. My only complaint is the muzzel flip. I seem to get more in my G32 than in my XD Service.
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Very nice
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