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Default H&k vp9

A local guy I know had an H&K Vp9 for sale. He had it priced high at first but still in the ballpark and I assumed it would go fast. He had lots of "tire kickers", but no one bought it. He offered it to me for $200 less and I got it.
The price has always kept me away from H&K's so this is my first. Polygonal rifling, like Glocks. It has a really nice feel to it. It looks like it's hardly been shot and came with everything in the case, like new.
If the rain lets up this weekend, I'll take it to the range. Sorry, no pics right now.
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It sounds like you got a good deal panther. I think you're going to like it. The trigger pull and so many options to customize the grip are its best features. I'm not an HK fan boy, but I like my VP9. Hope you get to shoot it soon. We will be eager for a range report.
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I think you are gonna like it!!
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