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Default Serious Big Bores Beyond 44 Magnum

I got this article tonight, I was a nats eyelash away today from trading my Redhawk 5.5" 44 Mag for a Super Redhawk 7.5" in .480 Ruger in Target Grey. I'm sure I would have been happy with the trade, but the added expense of brass, dies, larger bullets and leather... brought be back to reality.

100 pc of Starline brass is $49.99 (new) reloading dies $59.21 and bullets Speer Deep Curl Handgun Hunting Bullets .480 Ruger/.475 Linebaugh .475" 325 gr DCSP 50/ct Price: $19.49

Pretty big chunk of change getting started shooting it.

Serious Big Bores Beyond 44 Magnum

So after lots of thought, I called the LGS and told him I had to back out of this trade, as I simply wasn't going to be able to feed it.

Post Edit: I found this article after posting this....

Produgal Gun Ruger 480 Ruger 480 Super Redhawk Review

The one thing I did notice on the Ruger I handled was flaking or wear of the Target Grey. As read in my new link, this can not be re-applied to the firearm, leaves one to wonder what Ruger was thinking here with the Target Grey material.
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Makes perfect sense to me J_B. I thought long and hard about a .480 Ruger a few years ago, but in all honesty, there isn't anything around here (or most places), that a .44 Mag won't handle. If I lived in big bear country, I'd be more tempted. The thing is, when I went hunting in the mountains, I always carried a rifle that was more powerful than any handgun. The only time I had my .44 Mag out was when I was sleeping in a tent. I never saw a bear in the Flat Top Wilderness area, but saw plenty of sign. Our only close call was with a mountain lion that walked the trail near out tent screaming. That raised the hair on the back of my neck, but no harm came to us.
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