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Default E-Z-V Sight on the course

Well today I went up to our Lone Pine State Park Archery Course, we have baled carpet with animal targets on them at different unknown yardages. After I finished the 7 target course with all arrows placed in the kill zones. I decided to shoot at target #3 on the way back, but from the road and not where the marker is located. I needed to check out my E-Z-V Sight at an extreme unknown distance. After the shot, I stepped off the paces and when I got to the target I had paced off 104 paces, which calculates to 86.66666666666667 yards.

The first photo was as shot from where I was standing, #2 was taken from where the target was, and I placed an X back on the road where I was shooting from. #3 is my killing shot. www.ezvsight.com

87 Yard Shot by Jon Erdmann, on Flickr

It's not how fast you can shoot them, but how accurate they can be shot.

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Heck of a shot J_B. I always limited my shots on game to 40 yards and under, with most shots at less than 25.
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you should try that with a stick bow not very often I can hit the target at 80 yards but once in a while I manage to score
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Nice JB!
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Looking Good.
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