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Default At home and the doctor

I hope this doesn't get too long.

Our family has experienced some pretty severe drug reactions so my wife and daughter started a couple of years ago researching herbal remedies for some of our chronic problems.

When our young lady doctor asked why we had discontinued taking some of our prescription drugs, my wife told her we had been trying natural products and where they worked as well as chemical drugs we had made the switch. Not for critical ailments though like heart problems etc.

So far, we have found things that work for us for arthritis flares, most migraines, and sleep aids. Still researching other herbal stuff.

Last week when she was at the doctors, the doctor asked if my wife would forward to her the formulas or information on things we find works for us. She thinks with the coming changes in the government plans there will be many people working toward alternative medicines and she wants to research some of it herself. Because she knows we are very honest with her she's at least to a point using us as a stalking horse for investigations.

I thought it interesting that she is looking at things and seeing a move away from drug companies. I must say this lady is much more open minded than most doctors.

I could ramble on some more but I think I'll stop now.
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That's great caneman! I wish I knew more about natural remedies. I don't take any medications at all. Well, maybe a aspirn every now and then.
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Interesting caneman! I'm surprised the doctor is that open-minded. My mom was a big believer in herbal remedies and she lived to be 86, in spite of arthritis and chronic lung problems.
I'm old enough to remember when mentally ill people were placed in hospitals, not in Congress or the White House.
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