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Default Colt Anaconda Blow up

Until I get the rest of the story, I can only imagine that the handload was way over charged.

It's on Google as Colt Anaconda Blow up - but I can't access the site

It's not how fast you can shoot them, but how accurate they can be shot.

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is final."
― Wyatt Earp
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Looks expensive and I agree with you JB.
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Me too! That's no factory load. It's unlikely to have a squib followed by a live one in a .44 Magnum either. I believe a guy would notice little or no recoil with a squib.
I'm old enough to remember when mentally ill people were placed in hospitals, not in Congress.
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Gorilla Glue Polyurethane Multipurpose Adhesive
J-B Weld easy, convent alternative to welding
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