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Things you would Recommend for others. Things you have tried, and would recommend to others.

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Default Concealed Carry Belt

Do you ever get frustrated with the belt(s) you use for concealed carry. Some are too narrow and some are too flimsy. My biggest aggravation is that one notch on my belt is too loose and the next one is too tight. They give you one inch adjustments. I ordered a belt on 6/19 and received it today. I didn't ask or pay for any special rapid shipping. These belts are really different. Instead of having holes in the belt, there is a track on the inside of the belt. The notches in the track are 1/4" apart. When you pull the belt thru the buckle, it clicks at each 1/4" notch. A small lever on the buckle releases the tension on the belt. The belts are all one size fits all - 24" to 54". The company sells dress belts and gun belts in leather and web material tactical models. They offer 5 different buckle styles. The one I bought is a black tactical model with the X1 buckle. The belt feels heavy duty, but is not extra thick like one of my leather gun belts. The back side of the belt is marked in inches. The instructions say to cut the belt 4" longer than the waist size of your pants. That didn't work out for me. I had to cut 2 more inches off. You place the cut end in the buckle, push down a bracket that has teeth which dig into the belt. Then you tighten down 2 little set screws to help hold it in place. With that, you're ready to go.

I'm going to sound like a salesman for this company, but I think it is the best carry belt ever. It's comfortable, seems sturdy and is infinitely adjustable. Time will tell, but I think it is going to be great.

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Thumbs up

It looks good rman, I like the fact that they say The "tactical gun belts are stiffer than the leather," says a lot for a web vs. leather belt. Keep us posted after some wear time. My giant leather belt shows no sign of failing yet. It's near 10 years old, I bought it at the "America's Largest Flea Market" in Sanford Fl. right after we moved here. It's now a housing development but the belt is as good as new. The guy made them up one at a time, dyed whatever you wanted in about 1/2 hour. I got basic black, dyed it once myself with dye from my holster making days and it's still good. It's been about 4 years since I made a holster and it's Kydex. It still carries good and for me is just so comfortable. I carry OWB at appendix. Sitting or standing you really don't hardly know it's there. Being OWB and a double stack Glock it shows to somebody looking for it with just an oversize T shirt on. Not easy for me to find much "oversize." Anyway, looking forward to an update after a couple weeks, it looks real good!
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