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Food Ways to cut food costs.

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Calvin Wiles
The Old Fart Janitor
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Default The Price of Food!

Has anyone noticed the rise in the price of food, along with most everything else? My utility bills have went wild this winter, and now everything else is going up. People still without work, and the President threatening to stop Soc. Sec. and Veterans pensions if they don't get his spending budget through. I don't know about Y'all, but some tight times might be ahead for me. I'm planting a big garden this year. Might have to start burning wood from the Ranch for heat. Guess you could call this the doom and gloom thread, but I don't like what I think we are headed for. We have become too dependent on our government and other countries. Gas could go to 10.00 per gallon and people would pay it. We have used up our Corn reserve making Gasohol, and it hasn't helped anything but shorten our food supply. I hope things are better than I think they are.
"The answer to all our problems is in God's Word, if we just search for it".
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French G.
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Hurry up and say something nutty so I can write you off as a crazy old guy with all that crazy talk. Unfortunately I can't disagree with a word you said.
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No, I think you have it about right Calvin. If things keep going downhill, I might have to work until I die.
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I think you're correct Calvin. We made our garden (2- 4X8 raised beds) bigger by adding 2 more last year plus half a dozen 5 gallon buckets for tomatos. This year I'll add 2 more raised beds and a couple more buckets.

We also put in 6 berry plants (2 ea. blackberry, raspberry and lingonberry). I've planted 2 cherries, 3 apples and 2 peaches in the last 3 years. All are young but only the apples haven't produced yet.

I'm just afraid I might have started 2-3 years too late. I know the trees need a lot of growth to bear in usable quantities.

If I can hire someone to put in arbor posts I'll add grapes this year but again will be waiting for years not weeks for some yield.
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Default March on the Streets- Goverment out

Well if the people in power are not doing well or the job they promised the people, get them out, like a few places have just lately.
Get on the streets power to the people

Goverment out power to the Coffee Shop Cooperative.

Sign up now while you have chance
you can tell were the action is, as the bullets fly pass,the shells rain down and the jets fly pass.
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