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Default I passed on this one

On Saturday morning we decided to head towards the Canadian border, to a Wildlife Manage Area known as Lost River. We begun our treck into the area, and right away I spotted two does and a spike buck together. We stopped and let them settle down while they headed up to higher ground. As mule deer do, they stopped and turned to see if we were following. I used the Bushnell Pro 450 and it gave me 189 yards. My friend Bob asked me what I was going to do, I said pass as it is just to small to take.... I'm not settling for this kind of mule deer when there are larger ones that I'm after. This is what I traveled 5 hours for, not to take the first buck that comes along.

Later we found a herd with two super size bucks in the center down in the river bottom area.... both of these monster bucks were in the group of does, and the shot was just to risky to take being so close to the Milk River. I put the arrow on the image so you could see from where I would of had to take the shot from.

All in all it was a great day, no I did not harvest a large Montana mule deer buck, but that is okay. The next day Bob wanted to try another location not so far from Havre in the Fresno Lake area. Not a single whitetail feeding in area crop fields, and when checking what would be or should have been whitetail paths down to the lake to water in, no fresh sign of tracks or droppings. Days old hoof prints where smallish does. Not productive, but educational for future reference.

And even though it is a 5 hour road trip one way, I will be returning to Havre in 3 weeks for another go of it.
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No reason to take one you don't want J_B. You'll get another opportunity.
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Smart hunting JB. Good luck next trip.
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That's almost mortar range isn't it
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