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Default Speer Gold Dot Personal Defense Ammo

I picked up my new j-frame Smith today and bought a box of Speer 135 gr JHP Short Barrel ammo. I've done a lot of reading on this load in the past and it has all been good. Muzzle velocity is 860 fps in a 2" barrel. Expansion and penetration are both good. For the time being, it will be my go-to load for both the 642 and the 640. I prefer to shoot .357 cases in .357 guns, so it's just a temporary solution. Have any of you guys tried this stuff?
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I have never shot any of the 38spl/357mag stuff. I'm assuming they are a bonded bullet. 230gn 45 auto Speer Gold Dot was our issued duty ammo back in the day. They performed well as to barrier penetration and expansion and reliability. After I retired, I stuck with them cause I knew their performance.

Looking forward to the range report.
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