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A little update on the XDs 45. I've had ALOT of trouble getting it to feed. In other words its been a jam-o-matic, especially with the 7 round mags. I've tried all types of ammo, semi wad cutter, hollow point, ball-no luck. I worked on the extractor and got it to feed properly with the 5 round mags. Still having problems with the 7 rounders. I'm starting to think the springs are too heavy. I'll do some research to see if anyone makes lighter springs.
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Sorry you're having problems with the XDs Teddy. I hope you get it worked out soon so that you can carry it with confidence. Tristan has an old, original XD sub compact in .40 S&W and an XD Mod 2 in 9mm. They both feed anything, anytime, anywhere.
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Originally Posted by Teddybear View Post
My local gun shop called to tell me that the SA XDs is in. I just had to go fondle it, and do the paper work. It took 4 mounths to get 1. He's had 6 ordered since August, and I happened to be #1 on the list. I can pick it up monday after the State of Illinois determines I'm not wanted here, or in any of the other 49 states, or I'm not a member of any terrorist groups, and my property taxes have been paid, the light bill and the water bill has been paid, the lawn is mowed, and I'm current on all my shots.
Lucky for me, I have a CCP here in Montana, we walk in, fill out the Federal 443 form, pay the money and walk with our purchase with no delays.
"Evil prevails when good men do nothing."
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