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Originally Posted by caneman View Post
I bought three Dietz lanterns from Lehmans and will have them for use this summer. I'm planning on either one or two for lighting the two docks when night fishing. The third will probably be used to light the porch for evening visits. Four gallons of kerosene will probably last me two years.

These will get a lot more use than the inside lamps. We've only used them on five or six occasions in fifty years. I have to admit though that twenty of those years we lived in some town. Probably another dozen or more times we lost lights for three or four hours and got by on candles.
Hang one that you use for the fishing docks out over the water and fish around it. I have a shallow place in Poteau River where I wade out and set a light on a Rock. Then fish downstream at the beginning of a big hole of water. You can throw top water flies out and catch a Crappie nearly every cast.
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