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Originally Posted by ZO6Vettever View Post
Calvin, I ordered my first one from Enasco and they sent me an octagon shaped fairly light cane. It felt like it would have made a fine cane but wouldn't hold up to a good whack to the noggin' . I ordered another from somebody else (they sent me a huge catalog that I can't find) and it was exactly what I wanted. Mine is 1" hickory and finished, not pretty but OK. Very heavy and I'm pretty sure about as strong as a "Louisville Slugger". They called it a "stockman's cane" and being a "white ghetto Philly city rat" I ain't too sure what that is ! I know it was only about 8 bucks and serves the purpose. It kinda' gives you a non-lethel way to deal with a minor threat and that could be a good thing for all involved. I'm sure yours looks great, mine is kinda' the Glock of canes!
Guess I got lucky. Mine is a full 1" and heavy. It feels like you could knock a Bull down with it. The fancy Oak cane that I got was a 1" cane but had 1/4" of acrylic on it. I didn't like the acrylic and stripped it off and put a hand rubbed finish on it. I'll use the Oak cane for a Barbecue cane, and my Hickory for a all purpose cane.
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